Nigerian Market Outlook: Where To Invest Ahead Of Santa Claus, Year-End Rallies

Nigerian Market Outlook: Where To Invest Ahead Of Santa Claus, Year-End Rallies


Post Views: 337 The global economy recorded stronger recovery and growth in recent times as revealed by the piles of positive data emanating from the ...

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The global economy recorded stronger recovery and growth in recent times as revealed by the piles of positive data emanating from the developed world in the form of stronger GDP numbers, especially the rise in commodity prices, particularly crude oil. Despite these, uncertainties are mounting high with the recent North Korea missile attack on the U.S. border and geo-political issues that remain a cause for concern among investors. Economic risk of rate hike in the amidst economic growth as Q3 GDP and other data continue to push stock markets up, despite the long expected correction due to over- valuation.
Back home, Investdata sees the possibility of the Nigerian market breaking out of the recent resistance level is high with the trend ability and momentum that rebounded after Moody’s downgrade and MSCI reshuffling induced pullbacks. This is due to end of year expectations that triggered demand for stocks on the strength of stronger corporate earnings and stronger inflows as positive macro-economic data confirmed that the economy is on the growth path, notwithstanding the fact that it is slow at 1.4% as shown in the Q3 GDP figure released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
In the new month, Investdata expects inflation for the month of November to continue its gradual downward movement; just as the PMI has further improved to support recovery in the manufacturing sector given that Q3 numbers from the sector beat market and analysts’ expectations.
With only few quarterly earnings expected in this month and new trading pattern unfold as a result of seasonal changes, investors and traders are expected to reposition and balance their portfolios ahead of full year earnings in 2018, based on their interpretation of the scorecards and changes that will keep the market oscillating.
The Q3 numbers had revealed the financial position and health of the companies and indeed the market, while the low valued stocks with high upside potentials should be the target of investors. The strong intrinsic value remains a plus and should guide investors to know where to look while seeking to invest profitably for the remaining days of the year and beyond.
Traders and investors who understand the importance of combining fundaments and technical analysis in making investment decisions in the stock market should take this opportunity of any pullback in prices to position in some sectors for short, medium and long term gains, especially in the fast moving consumer goods, banking, agribusiness, building material and healthcare after carefully study of the recent price pattern and fundamental data available in the market.

What to expect in December
• The extension of the oil production cut to December 2018 is likely to have positive impact on crude oil price and influence government revenue positively, which may also attract more inflow in the economy in form of portfolio or direct investment that will support the market.
• Seasonal trending with few late filers of quarterly numbers expected, with no impact on the market. However, blue-chip companies will continue to oscillate on the strength of company and market fundamentals as repositioning and rebalancing stays till end of the year.
• The oscillating trend of equity prices as a result of repositioning of portfolio along the line of positive numbers by foreign and local investors will boost activities in the final month of the year.
• Market outlook for the new month remains mixed as few quarterly and no full year earnings are expected. But positive sentiments and strong momentum may not be out of place as the market expects the economic recovery to be strengthened with the last minute implementation of the 2017 budget.
• The relative low Price-to-Earnings ratio in the market may further attract demand for stocks. Investors must however invest wisely, using bids, offers and volume when taking decisions as a trader.
• Managing risk and protecting capital at this point is very important, so you will be able to determine when to buy or sell, by watching the stocks and the market, using technical analysis.
• Let numbers released by companies guide you decision and time to stay in that position.

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Sub Topics

The Pre-election Economy & 2018 Budget: Implementation and Impact On the Recovery Bull Market
In this presentation, Mr Olufemi Awoyemi the founder/CEO of Proshare Limited, chartered Accountant and seasoned financial analyst will review the economy and impact of government policies so far, discussing how the proposed N8.6tr budget will influence the economy in a pre-election year. He will also take participants through the outlook for the stock market in 2018, while attempting to answer a question like: Is there really any reason to cheer from the mere size of the 2018 budget, considering how those of the past two years have been implemented, especially during this economic recovery phases?

Impact and Implication of NSE New Rules on your Equity Investment in 2018 and Beyond
The new strategies to trade and invest in a transforming market will be revealed to boost players profit and minimized losses by Alhaji Garba Kurfi, a chartered accountant, Fellow CIS and Managing Director of APT Securities & Funds Limited. He will also tell participants about classes of stocks to focus on, in this new market normal value of 1kobo in 2018.

The Secret For Finding Better Trades & Investment Opportunity
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How to Pick Investable Securities: Using Econometric Models and Other Strategies Of Successful Traders To Improve Your Trading Margin
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