Investdata Holds Mid-Year Equity Market Seminar Saturday

Investdata Holds Mid-Year Equity Market Seminar Saturday


Post Views: 560 Investdata Consulting Ltd will hold another edition of its mid-year comprehensive stock trading and investing seminar on Saturday, Jul...

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Investdata Consulting Ltd will hold another edition of its mid-year comprehensive stock trading and investing seminar on Saturday, July 28, 2018 in at the Ostra Hall & Hotels, opposite the NNPC Gas Plant, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.
At the seminar with the theme: Comprehensive Stock Trading & Investing Toolkit for Rest of 2018, our team of experts: Baba Ibrahim, CEO, Mainstreet Securities Ltd; Abdul-Rasheed Oshoma Momoh, Head, Capital Market/Trading, TRW Stockbrokers Ltd; Tunde Jeaniogbe CEO, Tradeline Dotbiz and Ambrose Omordion CRO Investdata Consulting Ltd, will review dynamics of the Nigerian economy, the stock market’s performance so far and the factors influencing the behavioral pattern.
Participants will also learn strategies that will help minimized losses, protect capital and trade profitably, considering the low valuation that is system-induced and will fade away with time.
The event will also review the geopolitical environment, which is far more important for any market at the moment, than what big fund managers think about valuation, while stressing on the need for value investing and trading, two factors that make the difference.
As value investing is gaining popularity by the day, investors and traders who want to succeed in any market situation need trading and investing toolkits to guide against “value traps,” looking at the prevailing low equity prices.
Our facilitators will share some insights and interesting takeaways from workshop, including how to trade profitably by combining fundamental and technical analyses, thereby escaping value traps, minimizing losses, while maximizing profit.
The seminar will also review implication of the new pension funding structure, just as participants will learn how to boost their online trading experience.

Sub Topics for the seminar:
Review of 2018H1 Market & Economic Performance: How Fiscal Reforms and Stimulus Will Support the Market/Economy in 2018H2
In this presentation, Baba Ibrahim CEO, Mainstreet Securities Ltd, will discuss how historically the Fiscal and Monetary policies have influenced Nigeria’s stock market, the implications for the second half and it would drive equity prices higher as recovery continues, impact of the new NSE market Structure.
2018H2 Trading Checklist: How to Find Winning Stocks in Nigeria’s Volatile Equity Market
After the prolonged correction, volatility is here to stay for the rest of 2018. Is it time to start worrying about losses suffered so far, a flattening yield curve or time to relax due to the outstanding earnings season? Better yet, is there a way to harness increased volatility to your advantage? Our facilitator, Tunde Jeaniogbe CEO, Tradeline Dotbiz, a stock market expert will show you how to handle increased volatility in 2018. He’ll offer insights into forces impacting today’s market. He will share, using real-time examples, his ultimate checklist to finding winning stocks propelled by volatility. This simple strategy allows you to quickly evaluate stocks and to better time entry and exit points, while understanding market forces moving your portfolio.

How To Generate Consistent Superior Equity Returns and Income With Dividend Stocks
Here, Ambrose Omordion CRO Investdata Consulting Ltd, will discuss his approach to generating equity income by investing in undervalued dividend stocks, what he looks out for when trading dividend stocks at a discount to historical valuations on multiples of price to sales, earnings, cash flow, book value, and enterprise value to EBITDA. In addition, he requires companies to have positive operating cash flow over the past 12 months, with dividends covered comfortably by cash flow.

Powerful Patterns and Effective Strategies for Trading Shifts in Market Volatility
Recent and ongoing changes in market volatility present both risks and opportunities for discerning traders. Abdul-Rasheed Oshoma Momoh, Head of Capital Market/Trading, TRW Stockbrokers Ltd, will teach some of the most effective strategies for taking advantage of the high-probability trading opportunities available in equities, while minimizing risks associated with stock market trading. The six most powerful patterns in the market to trade, how to know which patterns and strategies to specialize in for consistent results and the critical difference between oscillating and momentum patterns.