AI Influencers Will Take Over The Future, Says ID Africa’s Akintunde-Johnson

At the Entertainment Week Lagos, Iretomiwa Akintunde-Johnson, the Regional Manager for West Africa at  ID Africa, a BHM company, on Saturday, 16th of December delivered a compelling address on the critical importance of staying ahead of trends in the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing.

As she addressed the audience, Iretomiwa emphasised the potential risks associated with misinterpreting trends, particularly in the fast-approaching year of 2024. She underscored the significance of thorough research, urging influencers to delve deep into the subjects they endorse. “Getting trends wrong can be very disastrous,” she cautioned.

One of the trends at the forefront of her discussion was the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencers. Iretomiwa shed light on how AI is going to reshape the influencer marketing landscape, posing both challenges and opportunities for human influencers. “AI influencers are on the horizon, and they are here to stay. Understanding the nuances of AI and its impact on the influencer space is crucial for staying relevant,” she asserted.

In advising influencers on navigating this evolving landscape, Iretomiwa stressed the importance of authenticity. “Being authentically yourself as an influencer will distinguish you from all other influencers, AI or otherwise. It’s all about finding your unique voice,” she remarked. In a world where technology blurs the lines between reality and virtuality, authenticity emerges as a potent differentiator.

She spoke on the art of effective brand communication, emphasising the importance of using the right words, conveying the right message, adopting the right voice, and choosing the right timing. Iretomiwa underscored that influencers need to tailor their communication strategies to align with brand objectives and resonate with their target audience.

The engaging masterclass on Influencer Marketing and Brand Communication,  also delved into the evolving role of influencers, emphasising the need for influencers to act as genuine brand ambassadors. Build relationships that go beyond surface-level engagement. “Trust the person or company you are working with,” Iretomiwa advised. She emphasised the risks of mindlessly embracing trends without a sincere connection to the brand or product. “Your audience can detect a true connection, and that’s what will distinguish you,” she pointed out.

Furthermore, Iretomiwa encouraged influencers to discover their unique selling points and play to their strengths. “Influencer’s jobs are evolving, and personal branding is more crucial than ever. Finding your niche and capitalising on your strengths will not only safeguard your career but also elevate your influence,” she concluded.

Iretomiwa facilitated the Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL) masterclass with Njideka Akabogu, the East Africa Regional Manager at ID Africa, a BHM company. EWL is a revolutionary gathering, ecosystem and platform that brings the entertainment world to the city of Lagos, to collaborate, network, ideate, showcase and exchange knowledge & resources.