Beyond Endorsements: Njideka Akabogu Advocates For Influencers As Strategic Consultants In Brand Collaborations

At her engaging masterclass at Entertainment Week Lagos on Saturday, December 16th, 2023, Njideka Akabogu, the Regional Manager for East Africa at ID Africa, shared profound insights on Influencer Marketing and Brand Communications, challenging influencers to rethink their roles and positioning in the industry.

Njideka’s talk centred on the concept of influencers as consultants, urging them to consider themselves more than just promoters but as advisors that brands can rely on for strategic recommendations. “Influencers have the power to be consultants for brands. Your influence extends beyond promoting products; you should be a trusted advisor,” she emphasised.

A key theme in Njideka’s discourse was the importance of feedback in influencer-brand relationships. She advocated for influencers to provide a one-pager recommendation after a campaign, detailing insights, challenges, and suggested improvements. “Feedback is invaluable. It not only helps brands refine their strategies but also positions you as a professional and reliable partner,” Njideka explained.

One significant piece of advice Njideka imparted to influencers was the need to understand the brand’s goals thoroughly. “Before accepting a campaign, understand what the brand wants to achieve and align your content and messaging with their objectives,” she urged. By aligning influencer efforts with brand goals, influencers can deliver campaigns that resonate and drive meaningful impact.

Njideka further spoke about the importance of influencers vetting the brands they choose to collaborate with. “Influencers need to vet the brands they work with,” she emphasised. This vetting process involves assessing whether the collaboration is a brand fit, aligns with the influencer’s values, and resonates with their audience.

The talk also underscored the importance of influencers adopting a brand ambassador mindset. Njideka emphasised, “Think of yourself as a brand ambassador. Ask questions, be inquisitive, and genuinely understand the brand you are working with.” By immersing themselves in the brand’s ethos, influencers can enhance their effectiveness and earn the respect of both brands and audiences.

She concluded her masterclass by encouraging influencers to set themselves apart by thinking beyond the conventional promotional role. “Influencers are not just faces; they are voices, advisors, and ambassadors. By embracing these roles, you’ll not only differentiate yourself but also gain more respect in the industry,” she affirmed.

Njideka facilitated the Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL) masterclass with Iretomiwa Akintunde-Johnson, the West Africa Regional Manager at ID Africa, a BHM company. EWL is a revolutionary gathering, ecosystem and platform that brings the entertainment world to the city of Lagos, to collaborate, network, ideate, showcase and exchange knowledge & resources.