Experts To Speak On NGX Post-Transition Outlook, As Investdata’s Master Class Holds Saturday

Investdata Consulting, will on Saturday hold its quarterly master class which seeks to open the eyes of investors to opportunities that the recent transition to a new democratic government in the Nigerian equity market for the rest of this year and even afterwards.
Expected to take investors and traders through the dynamics of the ever changing market space, the statement noted, are professionals and experts who will share their knowledge and trading techniques that had taken them decades worth of time and money to accumulate.
While Abiola Rasaq, an investment expert and Head Corporate Strategy at CSCS Plc, is expected to take participants through “The Power & Dynamics of Polices for profitable Investing in Any market cycle,” while Alhaji Garba Kurfi, MD/CEO APT Securities & Funds Limited will handle “2023 Post-Transition Investment Strategies: Q3 A Better Time To Position for Higher Return.”
Participants will also listen to Mr. Abdul-Rasheed Oshoma Momoh, Head Capital Market at TRW Stockbrokers Ltd, as he speaks on “Trading Charts & Price Actions Profitably To Filter Market Noise and News,” just as Ambrose Omordion, Chief Research Officer, Investdata Consulting, speaks on “Understanding The Power Of Volume And Momentum In Identifying Profitable Trades.”
The virtual 2023Q3 Master Class with the theme: “NGX Post-Transition Trading & Predictive Analytics,” according to statement seeks to help investors and traders enhance their profit from opportunities in Nigeria’s rapidly evolving equity market.
The intensive Master Class, the statement added, will enable investors and traders “stay ahead of market innovations and changing dynamics used by insiders and institutional players, helping them to understand the potential implications of government, regulatory and company policies, and how they influence market sentiments and volatility.
During the eight-hour session, the team of expert will share their in-depth knowledge, while discussing the historical context of government policies, highlighting its impact on the stock market, helping participants to learn different techniques of how to capture winning trades of a lifetime.
Participants, the statement continued, will learn how to grow their portfolio mix faster, refine their entry and exit with precision, what strategies work best for the current market conditions, an overview of the current market conditions and recent events shaping market sentiments. There will also be a historical analysis of the impact of the sovereign debt ceiling on the equity market, potential consequences of the continuous rise in public debts, strategies to help active traders adapt to market volatility and uncertainties, practical tips for risk management and portfolio diversification in times of economic uncertainty, besides giving a list of five hot stocks that beat inflation.
The 2023Q3 Master Class, Omordion stressed, “is an exclusive opportunity to learn from experts, reset your profit by taking advantage of opportunities in financial market and assets repricing in Q3 and beyond, besides gaining valuable insights into the relationship between Government Policies and the stock trading. Whether you are a seasoned trader, or just starting your journey in the market. This class will provide you with a deeper understanding of the current market landscape and equip you with the knowledge to make more informed trading decisions.”
Participants interested in booking a seat at the 2023Q3 Master Class to learn and interact with these seasoned experts, according to the statement, should send Yes to 08028164085, or 08179547605.