Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, FMN, Launches 400g Golden Penny Pasta

As part of its commitment to feeding the nation daily, Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of superior quality products and a notable player in the food and agro-allied sector, Flour Mills of Nigeria, says it has launched the Golden Penny 400g Pasta pack.

The new product, launched into the market, the company said represents its proactive response to consumer demand for varied sizes of Golden Penny pasta suitable for different occasions.

With the new 400g pack, FMN says it continues its dedication to retaining the nutritional quality of its signature pasta while providing young families with midi packs designed to serve various purposes and needs.

Speaking on the proactive nature of FMN as a leading food manufacturing company in Nigeria, the Managing Director, Food Division, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN), Devlin Hainsworth said the group has been relentless in feeding the nation for over six decades.

“The group’s iconic brand ‘Golden Penny’ embodies our invaluable food brands which are designed to always afford our consumers tasty yet nutritious food options. Our launch of the 400g pasta pack is still a pragmatic response to our consumers’ needs and we believe that this new product invariably creates a wider range of options for young families in accordance with their budgets,” he added.

Also, speaking on the new product launch, the Marketing Director, Foods, Bisi Idowu restated the commitment of FMN as a group “to delivering superior quality products that satisfy different nutritional needs of families, groups, and communities, especially Nigerian young growing families. Consumers can expect quality, tasty, and highly nutritious pasta products in the 400g pack, the same qualities that have endeared them to our pasta brand over the years. This product is a pragmatic response to their demand for quality products suitable for various occasions, especially for family consumption, which reiterates our dedication to the family bond that strengthens society.”