Indicators Dip Further, Amidst Hope For Positive Economic Data, Financials

Market Update for August 16

Trading activities on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange on Wednesday maintained its volatility and negative slant for the third straight session this week as profit taking by traders continued, as panic selling set, resulting in the decline suffered by the indicators week-to-date.
This is even as the global markets continued its rebound on positive economic data and reduced tension in the North Korea missile test threats.
The market opened lower in the early hour of the session, falling sharply by midday before trying to retrace up in afternoon. The intra-day movement broke out the two support levels at 37,000 and 36,458.13. An important resistance could not be taken out, as the day closed lower at 36,102.38 on a low volume traded.
The selling pressure remained high as revealed by the volume traded index of 0.69; with buying position of 9% and selling volume of 91% of total transaction to support the down market. Also, the negative sentiments on first tier banks impressive numbers shows there is an element of correction in the recent rally as at this moment waiting for another trigger in form of positive news from government and the economy to reverse this trend.
Meanwhile, the composite NSE All-Share Index shed 994.22 basis points to close at 36,102.38, as against the 37,950.96 points it opened, representing a 2.68% decline on a low volume traded when compared to the previous sessions. Similarly, market capitalisation was down by N342.68bn to close at N12.4tr, from an opening value of N12.90tr, representing 2.68% value loss in investors’ position.
The downturn in the share prices of medium and high cap stocks during the day further reduced the ASI’s year-to-date returns to 34.34%, just as market capitalisation gain stood at N3.2tr, representing 34.57% rise above the year’s opening value.
Market breadth for the day remained negative with the number of decliners outnumbering advancers in the ratio of 31:10 on a low volume of trades that continued a three-day bear transition.
Trading activities in terms of volume and value were down by 42.61% and 6.43% respectively at 224.77m shares, worth N5.09bn, as against previous day’s 391.63m units, valued at N5.44bn.
Also, transactions in the shares of FBNH, Access Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Jaiz Bank and Zenith Bank topped the volume chart during the session.
At the close of trading activities for the day, C & I Leasing topped the advancers’ table, gaining 5.15% to close at N1.02 each on market forces. Vitafoam followed with a 4.43% gain at N2.83 per share, on impressive Q3 numbers ahead of it September full year end.
On the flipside, Jaiz Bank lost 5% to close at N0.76 per share on profit taking; ahead of Access Bank’s 4.93% drop, closing at N9.93 per unit on profit taking despite the expected half year earnings report.


As trading activities open this morning, expect volatility to continue amidst profit taking and portfolio reshuffling on the strength of Q2 numbers, especially with the impressive numbers emanating from the nation’s first tier banks which are giving insights into what should be expected at the end of the year if the much desired economic recovery becomes a reality despite the slow and unclear implementation of the 2017 budget by the government. Even so, the July inflation figures and Nigeria’s second quarter GDP data are being awaited from the Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
However, investors need not panic following yesterday’s pullback due to profit booking if they take position based on strong numbers and future prospects of any stock. Since there is no bad news in the market.
Again, we advise that investors allow numbers to guide their decisions while repositioning for the rest of the year’s trading activities, especially now that prices of stocks are looking up ahead of the improving economic fundamentals.
It is time to use your technical tools to take decision by knowing the support and resistant level to reposition or exit any position.
Be reminded once more that industry potential, market timing are very important when picking a stock, because there are factors that are sector-specific and would naturally impact positively or negatively on companies operating within such an industry, especially now that the economy is recovering. Market is in phases know it in order to manage your trading and investing risk. For stocks that should be on your shopping list to buy in this oscillating market or pullbacks sign up to INVESTDATA BUY AND SELL signal setup by calling 08032055467.
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