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By Austen Akhagbeme

It has become noticeable in Nigeria’s political space the disappearance of orthodox Marxism, whose populism and platforms have led to the present prevalence of the capitalist mediocrity that sets the political agenda for us here in Nigeria today.
Those who canvas for religious and tribal supremacy are having a field day because real developmental agenda setting in our clime has been abandoned to the filthy hands of capitalist supremacists who are bent on corrupting our hard earned electoral democracy by their irresistible allure of money.
The polarization of the society into unequal classes and the dialectics of social relations bring to the fore, the danger of our tomorrow. This is against the backdrop of an already existing directionless neoliberal economy forced on us by the do-gooders of democracy.
The transformation of our society from Capitalism to Communism with a bridge of socialism in between, which was the dream of the average Marxist of yore seems to be a pipe dream.
When will the people, the Nigerian proletariats, have their power back? Is this brand of democracy we practice ever going to be capable of empowering the regular ordinary folks beyond the so called inalienable right to vote and be voted for?
In truth, the reality Nigerians have found themselves today is that while they can vote, whether or not it counts, they may never be able to determine whether or not they can be voted for, without a godfather figure. They are the party leaders, who own and dispense of that power to whomever they select.
Unfortunately, materialism has remained the driving force in society, moreso a capitalist one like ours, which is why exploitation of labour by capital will continue to be the norm, following which the take home pay of the average worker in our clime cannot in fairness take him home.
But at the same time, the capitalists and bureaucrats smile to the bank regularly.
Because the masses have been pauperised, starved and abandoned, monetary inducements become a ready bait to lure them to political camps against their holy conscience.
Politics of money is dangerous. It takes the power farther from the people while taking away their hope of a level playing field to realize their God-given potentials.
What a Pity!

Akhagbeme, an International Relations expert and political analyst, wrote from Abuja

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