Sahco Wins Best Aviation Handling Company Award In W’Africa

The Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC (SAHCO) was recently recognized as the ‘Best Ground Handling Company in West Africa’.
The ceremony held during the 5th edition of the Balafon Travel Awards held in Accra, Ghana to recognize excellence in aviation, travel, tourism and immense contribution to the growth of Aviation, Hotels Business, Tourism and Travels in West Africa.
According to the organizers, SAHCO was awarded for its outstanding activities in sustaining functional and efficient operations, adding value to cargo and the travel industry.
This was besides its significant role in driving its aviation and cargo agenda while catalyzing the growth of tourism in the sub-region and also helping to forge ties between countries in the sub-region and Africa to enhance regional and global tourism.
Speaking on “Seamless Travel in West Africa: Challenges and prospects of inter-connecting West Africa,” Managing Director of SAHCO, Basil Agboarumi said a seamless travel experience in West Africa will be the beginning of open doors for countries in the sub-region in terms of import and export.
According to a statement by Uansohia Vanessa, the company’s Corporate Communications Manager, Agboarumi assured that seamless travel is a major contributor to passenger experience and customer retention in Air Travel Market.
Agboarumi, who represented Barr Chike Ogeah, Vice Chairman of the company, also acknowledged other contributors such as Civil Aviation rules, immigration processes, ticket fares, and airport facilities.
The award, a segment of Accra Weizo, which was instituted in 2009 by the publishers of ATQ News is organized annually in partnership with the AKWAABA African Travel Market.
Meanwhile, the statement said Etihad Airlines also recently recognized SAHCO as the Best Handling Company in all of its African and Indian Subcontinents stations, overtaking the Indian Subcontinents for the first time.
This, it said, further testifies to the exceptional services rendered by the world-class ground handling company that is ISAGO and RA3 certified.
“DHL Aviation has similarly endorsed SAHCO during its ground handling quality, safety and performance audit of 2019 as ‘a complete and very professional ground service provider’.