Selected NGX Stocks To Watch Ahead Of CBN MPC Meeting Outcome

It is obvious that the nation’s stock market witnessed correction in the last five to six months as a result of the market reacting to the aggressive rate hike by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and other economic headwinds including profit taking in highly capitalised companies that had supported the market before now on their price rally and impressive performance.

This pullback has sent panic selling to many investors and traders that do not understand the market dynamics of overbought and oversold in different phases of the equity market or trading, just as everyone is focused now on Nigeria’s 2023 general election, rising inflation and projections for future MPC policy. So, It is easy for many market players to overlook the indicator that really matters most, which is corporate earnings of listed companies. Going into the Q3 earnings season in October, many expressed fear that companies were going to post leaner numbers, fuelled by the gloomy economy and persistent price pressures. But that wasn’t the case, instead the quoted companies posted better than expected earnings that are likely to support higher pay-out at the end of the current financial year, which is around the corner.

Many sectors of the market posted impressive earnings, despite the increasing headwinds in the economy and sovereign risk.  This is an indication that some industries are benefiting from the rate hike, war situation in Ukraine and Russia. Also, the rising inflation for the companies that were able to pass their cost to final consumers.

In all these, a progressive economy will support a stronger stock market as all eyes are on post-election economic reforms in the new dispensation, so as a discerning investor and trader take advantage of the prevailing low prices and higher dividend yields.

NGXASI (see opening chart) rebounded in the previous week as revealed by the chart below and others.




Fidson Healthcare

Zenith Bank


Stanbic IBTC




It can be easy to get the best from the current market situation, if you understand the dynamics of stock market trading or investing and the wealth creating opportunities that comes with financial market or economic reset in 2023 as actions of economic managers are already pointing to.  As you are keeping your eye on earnings power that support higher pay-out.

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Looking at history, there is no doubt that a correction or rebound is on the cards at some stage over the coming months. However, this big questions on everybody’s lips include when this will occur and whether it will end this bull-run or market recovery. Whatever happens, what is the best way to Prepare rather than trying to Predict? This and more, are what Invest 2023 Summit will address.

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