The Power of Combining Trading and Investing For Wealth Creation

Planning your trade and trading your strategies allows you to take advantage of any market situation or phase, because the market is dynamic. With the ever-changing trends, volatility, and price fluctuations, you can’t just use one strategy and think you are set for life. The stock market will delay or destroy your earning money, or savings if you don’t have different strategies in place. No one wants to run out of money, and we all want to live the lifestyle we envision.
Imagine if you could sell your investments as they started to top, then reinvest the money in different assets rising in value, and never having to hold falling positions again. Avoid multi-year drawdowns, reduce financial stress, and achieve an uncompromised retirement using Investdata Buy & Sell Signal Setup that picks stocks for trading and investing to meet your different investment objections at this earnings reporting season and beyond.
In picking our stocks we blend fundamental, technical and sentiment perspective, knowing that fundamentals consist of the macroeconomic data and the company earnings which do not change often but give direction.
Companies growing their earnings on quarterly and yearly bases are expected to support price in upward direction, while technical analysis looks at price, patterns and volume in respect to demand and supply imbalance, just as sentiment reveal the perception and psychology of buyers and sellers in the market or trade. Below are selected indexes and stocks to watch in the new week of earnings filing and election.

NGXASI Weekly Chart


NGX Oil/Gas Index

NGX Insurance Index

NGX Consumer Goods Index

NGX Industrial Goods Index


Zenith Bank


Fidelity Bank



Julius Berger

Stanbic IBTC


Sterling Bank

May & Baker


Consolidated Hallmark Indusrance Plc