We’ve Recovered N1.8tr Toxic Debts Since Inception, Says AMCON MD

As Reps Calls For Naming, Shaming Of Recalcitrant Obligors

Caption: From right, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer AMCON, Mr Ahmed Lawan Kuru; Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Other Ancillary Institutions, Hon. Eze Nwachukwu Eze and the Vice Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Muhammad Aminu Ibrahim at the retreat…in Enugu.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), Ahmed Lawan Kuru, on Sunday put total value of toxic debts so far collected since inception in 2010 at N1.8tr.
Kuru who spoke at the first 10th House of Representatives Committee on Banking & Ancillary Institutions retreat in Enugu where he took the participants on the long historical background that led to the establishment of AMCON in 2010, said of the total recovery, cash recovery represents 42%. Sale of four bridged banks, he continued, accounted for 14%, sales of proprietary shares 11%; clawback and repurchases, 10%; asset sales & rentals 10%; investment income, 7%; proprietary assets (unsold) 3% proprietary shares (unsold) 3% and divestment from portfolio 0.4%.
He urged the House Committee to wade in to see how it can shorten the long route through litigation that AMCON must face towards recovery, regretting that “most of our activities are done through the Courts, particularly when all resolution efforts have collapsed. AMCON currently has over 2000 cases in the Courts (Federal High Court, the Appeal Courts, and Supreme Court).”
Obligors, he continued, “hide under legal technicalities to tie AMCON in Courts, exploring the loopholes in the Act prior amendment. Honorable members, with time obligors get wiser, which necessarily requires amendment of our Act. The retreat with the theme “Navigating Nigeria’s Financial Ecosystem for a Sustainable Future: The Role of AMCON,” according to Jude Nwauzor, its spokesman, “in quite a lot of instances, we only enjoy the protection of our committee from other avoidable interventions. AMCON enjoys Special Powers, however, which can only be exercised with the support of the Judiciary.”
Responding, the committee’s chairman, Hon. Eze Nwachukwu Eze, assured that given the current economic challenges facing Nigeria, the 10th National Assembly would work to ensure that the legislative frame work supports the effective functioning of institutions such as the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).
He spoke of plans by the committee to host a bankers’ summit and invited the management of AMCON to be part of it, assuring that “there are so many things that have gone on in the financial sector, and are still happening that would be disclosed at that summit.”
The corporation, he said, would have an opportunity to “make presentations and release the full list of the 350 top debtors of Nigerian who have destroyed our financial system, and no power can stop that banker’s summit.
“At the end of the summit, we would ask Nigerians the sort of magic they were expecting you (AMCON) to perform in this kind of situation that you find yourself. So, the political will power to go after these debtors no matter who they are will be created…We want you rest assured that the legislative aspects would be taken care of…,” he stated.
The lawmakers, he further promised, would collaboratively enact policies that enhance the agency’s capacity to execute its recovery mandate efficiently and transparently.
Declaring the retreat open, Hon. Eze said, “Our nation stands at a critical juncture in its economic development, and the financial sector plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our economic future. The banking industry, in particular, is a cornerstone of our economic stability and growth. As we navigate the intricate web of financial intricacies, we must acknowledge the indispensable role that AMCON plays in ensuring the stability and sustainability of our financial ecosystem.
“As we are all aware, the financial sector is the heartbeat of any thriving economy, and its stability is paramount to the overall well-being of our nation. AMCON, as a key player in this ecosystem, has been tasked with the responsibility of managing distressed assets, mitigating financial risks, and contributing to the stability of the banking and financial institutions in Nigeria. AMCON, established in 2010, was created with the foresight to address the challenges posed by non-performing loans and distressed assets within the banking sector. The Corporation has been a fulcrum in maintaining financial stability and fostering investor confidence in our banking sector.
“As the Committee overseeing banking and ancillary institutions, we recognize the significance of a robust and resilient financial system. We have to ensure that the legislative framework supports the effective functioning of institutions like AMCON. We must work collaboratively to enact policies that enhance the Corporation’s capacity to carry out its mandate efficiently and transparently.”

Members of the Committee and AMCON Management singing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony of the retreat in Enugu

Insisting that it is the responsibility of the National Assembly to ensure that institutions of the government delivered on their mandates, Eze again added, “the House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Ancillary Institutions is committed to fostering a conducive environment for AMCON to carry out its mandate effectively. Our committee is poised to collaborate closely with AMCON to address the challenges facing them and implement strategic initiatives that will enhance its role in ensuring a sustainable future for Nigeria.
“We understand that navigating the complexities of the financial ecosystem requires a holistic approach, and as such, we are prepared to work hand-in-hand with AMCON to develop, and implement policies that will promote financial stability and economic prosperity.”
In continuation, the Chairman likened AMCON to “a rescue boat that is on a mission to make sure that the ship does not sink. Now we have also discovered that this rescue boat is facing some activities from some players (the debtors) that want the rescue boat to sink, so that both the rescue boat and the mother ship will all sink into the sea. When that happens, we all here and those that are not here will suffer for it. But we cannot allow that to happen. AMCON came when it was necessary because the financial system was on the verge of collapsing leading the government of the day at that time in the history of our country to seat up AMCON.
“As member of this committee, we salute the visionary leadership of our leaders who came up with this novel idea in 2010, and also thank God for the specie of Nigerians, this special human beings carefully selected to be the managers of this all-important government agency, most especially this current Management led by Mr Ahmed Lawan Kuru OFR that have led AMCON to where we are now.”