Where To Invest/Expectations For 2018Q4

The global economy remains unpredictable, despite the recovery waves so, arising from the lingering trade and currency wars now threatening to erode international investors confidence, growth and capital flow.
Back home, there is the political risk and unfriendly international policies emanating from some developed countries, which are hampering growth, even as crude oil price soars nearer the projected $100 per barrel mark.
We expect investors and analysts to interpret the recent scorecards from first-tier banking stocks and other sectors, while repositioning their portfolios ahead of the Q3 earnings season this month.
Traders and investors who understand the dynamics of the stock market and the importance of combining fundamental and technical analysis in making investment decisions should utilize the opportunity of the current pullback to position in some sectors for short, medium and long-term gains.
Sectors that should attract attention for juicy returns this last quarter include: Insurance, conglomerates, Aviation services providers, banking, agribusiness, building material, construction, oil and gas after a careful study of the recent price pattern and fundamental data available in the market ahead of Q3 earnings season in October. This is a very important season in the stock market cycle for taking final investment decisions as numbers expected would give insight into what the full-year figures could look like.
While risk factors remain on the horizon, we are optimistic of an impending bullish streak in the market as equities near trough points. We advise investors to be on standby as we perceive that a turning point is imminent, whilst echoing our long term focus on fundamentally sound stocks with attractive entry prices and prospects of, at least, double digit upside potentials

What To Expect In October and beyond
• The earnings reports expected in October will make impact on the share prices if the numbers beat investors expectations, as quarterly account has a 30-day time frame for submission of their unaudited Q3 results (in October and beyond as interim dividend paying companies).
• Volatility of equity prices will continue owing to repositioning of portfolios along the line of positive numbers and profit taking, ahead of October earnings season, party primaries and Santa Claus rally
• Market outlook for the new month and quarter remains mixed as many quarterly and few full year financials are expected. But expect mixed sentiment and weak momentum as the market expects the economy to recover, amidst electoral spending, just as the low interest rate to manufacturers and farmers will strengthens the market. This will however depend also on how well the government implements the 2018 budget faithfully.
• The relative low Price/Earnings ratio in the market may further attract demand for stocks, but you must invest wisely, using bids, offers and volume when taking decisions as a trader.
• Managing risk and protecting capital at this point is very important, following which you must know how to determine when to buy or sell, by watching the stocks and the market, using technical analysis, which Investdata buy and sell signal provide for subscribers. To join please send Yes or Stock call 08028164085
• Let corporate earnings guide your decision and timing to stay in that position.
• To learn how to manage trading risk and avoid getting scared out of trade position, which is a common challenge for most traders and investors of today, but for the exit strategy you can start using immediately to overcome this problem, get INVESTDATA’s comprehensive stock market trading and investing home study pack where short trading strategies and how to identify quality companies to invest before the market look toward were discuss.
Investdata Consulting Ltd presents The eighth edition of its TRADERS & INVESTORS SUCCESS SUMMIT tagged: INVEST 2019, designed to be the biggest yearly workshop for stock market traders &investors in Nigeria.
The theme of this year’s edition is: Adopting The Billionaire’s Mentality In Stock Selection.
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Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018. Time: 10a.m.
The huge decline in stocks from its January 2018 peak has not necessarily been due to the fundamentals of quoted companies, but investors flight for safety over uncertainties arising from next year’s general elections, participants will learn from experts/facilitators at the workshop, how and where to position for juiciest returns, depending on investment horizon.
Previous editions have attracted participants from diverse class of investors and traders, as well as several world-class professionals and experts as speakers and facilitators, including representatives of quoted companies and stock broking firms. The event has helped market players to effectively time opportunities for higher returns in the New Year.
In today’s equity market, there is wisdom in being able to identify ‘buy’ opportunities very early and sell for maximum returns, while minimizing loss in any market situation.Understanding the dynamics of the stock market during any cycle is the very key to successful trading and investing. For this to happen,we must arm ourselves with knowing the essential driving forces behind the market as they move up and down.
At the INVEST 2019 TRADERS & INVESTORS SUCCESS SUMMIT (TISS) you will discover some seldom considered aspects of investing and trading that can help you bag more big winners, while ratcheting down the number of losers in 2019 and beyond.
This summit will provide answers to these six crucial questions AND others

• What exactly is it we are trying to do as traders & investors?
• What occurs every post-election year that we wish to take advantage of?
• What are the prevailing market moves and who are the dominant players?
• What is ‘smart money’ doing?
• Where should we look to enter the market?
• Is it the same every day, season and year?

When you answer these important (and frequently overlooked) questions correctly, your trading/investing skills will launch onto new levels.
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