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Shareholders To Vote On Forte Oil Name Change Dec. 17

Nine years short of 10 days after voting to change its name from African Petroleum Plc to Forte Oil Plc on December 27, 2010, shareholders of the petroleum products marketing giant will on December 17, this year gather, once again, to rebrand.
The board, according to the notice to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) by Oladeinde Nelson-Cole, the Forte Oil’s acting Company Secretary, has scheduled a meeting of shareholders to vote for a proposed name change to Ardova Plc.
It is expected that just like in 2010, the shareholders will overwhelmingly approve the name change to Forte Oil Plc, after Femi Otedola, the company’s Chairman, told the gathering: “the brand, AP Plc is tired.”
Also before the meeting is a proposal that the shareholders authorize the directors “to approve, sign and/or execute all documents, appoint such professional parties and advisers, as may be necessary to give effect to the above resolutions, including without limitation complying with the directives of any regulatory authority and all acts carried out, steps taken and documents executed (or to be executed) by the directors of the company in connection with the above resolutions be and are hereby approved.”

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