Strategies For Equity Investment In A Pre-election Year Economy

At any given time in a nation’s political life cycle, success is measured by the living standard of the people economically or socially, which is a function of economic progress that is driven by developmental policies capable of ensuring sustainability through active participation of the private sector and effective implementation of such policies by government.
It has been an established fact across the globe that a nation’s economy cannot be separated from its politics, meaning that policies and political activities influence economic activities and investment in an economy. Elections come with uncertainties which every investor or trader factors into his investment decision to hedge against certain risks when the process is drawing closer.
This is why 2018 for Nigeria therefore comes with great investment opportunities for discerning investors and traders, just as it is spiced with uncertainties, for no other reason than its being a pre-election year, in a market structure dominated by foreign players that are here to make profit and not to look at the face of the economic managers. As such, when it is time for them to cash out of the market, they will go for the next available environment that offers opportunities, or even stay with cash while observing the unfolding scenario.
As a domestic investor or trader playing the same market with this sophisticated fund managers also known as smart money or institutional players, you need to up your game in stock market investment. This will help ensure that you do not become a dumping ground for fleeing portfolio investors through knowing and planning to exit positions before the general market begins.
This comes with knowing institutional money flow directions that would prompt you as to when you should exit or hold and whether you should enter/buy.
These and other technical indicators will be discussed at the INVEST 2018 TRADERS & INVESTORS FINANICAL SUCCESS SUMMIT, where different stock market trading and investing models that are technical analysis driven and fundamentally designed are shared with participants. The one that combines both technical and fundamentals are delivering profit, meaning working since 2014 till date.
Other take-aways from the summit are:
• The power of trading quarterly and full year earnings reporting season.
• Our rules-based approach to trading and investing in stocks.
• How buy & sell signals setup works.
• How to take advantage of best market timing strategies to positon before Major market earnings reporting season.
• How to quickly and accurately “predict” the next market reaction
• Learn why trading less is making more.
• Learn how to make use of trend identification, resistant and support to double your returns.
• Learn how to follow the institutional money flow and much more in pre-election year to protect capital.
Also, it is an opportunity to know you can identify opportunities in different sectors, especially with the Federal Government’s plan to spend almost N8 trillion for 2018, which if implemented will quicken ongoing economic recovery.
Discover how you can unleash your Income Potential Trading stocks.
You will also discover why trading and investing in stock is the way to go.
For more details on Sub-Topics, Facilitators, venue, fee and time see the attached documents.