Cardoso Approves CBN’s Service Charter

The Governor, Olayemi Cardoso, has approved the Central Bank of Nigeria’s reviewed Service Charter, a requirement of the Business Facilitation Act
(BFA) 2022 for driving the ease of doing business in Nigeria.
It also enables the Bank to fully comply with the directives of SERVICOM Nigeria (The Presidency) on improvement of customer service delivery.
The Charter, the bank said in a statement on its website, “outlines how the Bank promises to work with its external customers in meeting their expectations of service along with what the bank expects from them.”
In the foreword to the charter, the governor reiterated the bank’s “commitment to providing more responsive and citizen-friendly governance through quality service delivery that is efficient, accountable and transparent.”
The document, the CBN continued, clearly outlines the Bank’s mandates, vision, mission, and core values. It contains the list of services offered by the Bank through its various departments and the service standards for each service.
The Service Charter also includes a standardized Customer Complaints Form for reporting service failure as well as a mechanism for addressing service failure in any of the Bank’s services.

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