INVESTDATA Training on “Reaping Bountifully From Transformation In Nigeria’s Stock Market”

Ihe Transforming Nigerian Stock Exchange

The dynamics of the stock market deals with changes in the market structure, regulatory authorities and behaviour of investors and traders, who are the market forces (Demand/Bid or Supply/Offer). This behavioral aspect of every stock market determines general direction and price movement of individual equities.

Learning Objectives

Learn changes in the market today that can aid and help you as an investor to make informed and timely investment decisions that generate good returns
The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) of today has over the years transformed into a world class Exchange that is technology driven, transparent and its council and management committed to market development and growth that will attract funds from across the globe and make Nigeria an investment destination of note for foreign investors.
the NSE’s real time information portal today is a plus to the market as every investor and trader has access to information at the same time from anywhere.
The exchange has opened the market to the world with the online trading platform that allows investors or traders to do-it-yourself, just as it has insisted on strict adherence to the post-requirement, which has helped to improve the number of companies that release their results as and when due in order to avoid sanctions.
Moreso, the NSE’s regulatory filing dates for listed companies have changed from 45 days after the end of that quarter to 30,
as it realises the influence of foreign investors through Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) flow chart or report as movement of their funds have influence on Nigeria stock market performance

Stock Market Speculation What Is It?
The stock market has been in a state of speculative buying for several months. About 40% of the NSE 30 stocks are now on the uptrend in the last few weeks. Find out what this means for your investments or trading.
Speculation in the stock market has been increasing over the past few months. Learn why this phenomenon is occurring and what it means for your investments.
INVESTDATA will explain how speculation begins and how it ends. Discover if you are paying too much for a stock and why.
This Comprehensive Stock Market Trading and Investing workshop would help you understand the stock market and the early signs that risk is rising for a sell-off or correction. Knowing when to sell is as important as knowing when to buy. Learn about the other end of the old mantra of the stock market: “Buy low and sell high.”
To profit from the new stock market trend, you most first understand the dynamics of the market and the recovering economy to make profitable investment decision that determines the level of your returns.

Additional Take way from this Workshop are…
• The best trade setup for simple, and explosive trades – perfect for stocks,
• The 3 conditions you should know about ALL YOUR TRADES to maximize your percentage of winning trades and bank BIGGER profits on each one!
• How to identify the best pull-backs to buy with a high probability to resuming their trend and moving to new high levels, so you can get into big swing trades early with less risk.
• Which consolidation patterns have the highest probability of following through, so you can consistently and confidently catch explosive moves with amazing timing for trades that yield quick profits.
The TRUE STRENGTH (or weakness) in market trends, so you’ll know which stocks are the best to buy now, and which ones to avoid at all cost!
• If you’ve ever been “burned” in this market by a breakout that failed, or frustrated by buying high and it pulls back or buying low, refusing to move up again, that is, a retracement that didn’t bounce back… THIS IS FOR YOU.

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